When I was a little girl, I loved dressing up. I loved wearing my mother’s old-fashioned dresses full of memories and stitches. I did not mind that my eyeshadow reached my brows or that my lipstick reached everywhere, but my lips. As I grew up, my passion for makeup, hair and dressing up never faded.

My passion grew and my dreams became bigger.

I would like every woman to feel special and beautiful. I would like every woman to feel invincible and magical – like a little girl dreaming of being extraordinary.

I have learnt from the best makeup artists in South Africa. I have combined my knowledge with my true passion for beauty without measure. I have learned that true beauty lies within and that the art of makeup lies in the skill to let natural beauty shine.

I invite all brides and all women who are planning a special event or even a special day, to come and see me. Together we will rediscover the beauty you sometimes hide and explore different ways of showing the world exactly who you are.

I truly love what I do. I truly love the potential that lies within you.


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. - Rumi

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